Our Staff

A/Prof Gregory M Cario
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Lynne Chatenay
Medical Secretary

Monika Steel
Medical Secretary

Sister Dale Delpin

Sister Michelle Cassidy

We have assembled a staff dedicated to implementing our philosophy of health promotion in a relaxed atmosphere of open communication and friendliness. Our staff include administrative staff, office nursing staff, theatre sisters and fully trained midwives, as well as our financial controllers and our urodynamics team.

Administrative Staff

We have a very experienced warm and welcoming medical secretary, Lynne Chatenay who will look after the very important process of running the sessions in the rooms, attending to patient appointments and phone inquiries, in a relaxed and sensitive manner. She will also assist you with the often very confusing aspects of your medicare claim and health fund dilemmas.

Monika Steel is the newest member of our team and apart from reception duties, she focuses on all of the administrative side of the practice including accounts, billing and she manages our new website. Her relaxed, friendly and very efficient style has made her an asset to our customer relations team.

Nursing Staff

Sister Dale Delpin is the Surgical Unit Manager and Office Nursing Sister as well as the Urodynamic Sister. She is the Senior Operating Theatre Sister for laparoscopic and endoscopic gynaecological surgery at Hurstville Community Private Hospital and St. George Private Hospital.

As well as operating full time with A/Prof. Cario, she is a full time member of his office staff. Sister Delpin will organise all aspects of surgical office procedures and inpatient surgical procedures. She will help arrange the bookings for each hospital and is responsible for scheduling all lists. She will also provide full financial quotations for operations for insured and uninsured patients and will help facilitate bookings in the public hospital. Sister Delpin will answer any enquiries prior to surgery and provide extra information on any of the procedures planned. She will also arrange preoperative blood tests, investigations and special preparation prior to the surgery. Apart from welcoming you in the theatre, she will phone you postoperatively to assess your progress and maintain ongoing contact until the postoperative visit with A/Prof. Cario. She is also in charge for the St George Urodynamic Centre located in the practice which investigates patients for urinary incontinence.

Sister Michele Cassidy is a trained midwife, theatre sister and perioperative nurse and has worked at St George Public Hospital, Hurstville Private Hospital and Macquarie University Private Hospital. Michele will be able to help with all enquiries relating to pregnancy, gynaecology and surgical problems as well as assisting Sister Delpin with urodynamic and postoperative surgical care.

These nurses may be contacted during office hours to answer your questions and coordinate visits.