I began my postgraduate teaching career soon after my return from the UK in 1985 when I took up the position of Lecturer in Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Bankstown hospital through the University of NSW. This involved largely teaching undergraduates and RMOs. I was also the local College Training Supervisor for the registrars for 10 years before I moved to St George where I have continued to teach. Thereafter I turned my attention to post fellowship training although I still continue to teach registrars, RMOs and undergraduates and nurses.

Over the last 18 years I have worked to establish a reputation both nationally and internationally for innovation and teaching of advanced laparoscopic surgery. This has been achieved through the Australian and overseas surgeons who have participated in the workshops and also the fellows from within Australia and the wider medical community overseas. We have just finished our 50th major workshop since 1996 (around 380 participants) and at present we are training our 16th fellow in laparoscopic surgery. These fellows come the UK, Ireland, Israel, India, Asia, Saudi Arabia, USA and from all states in Australia. These connections have allowed my colleagues, fellows and I to present original research at Laparoscopic meetings all around the world and to win prizes against major opposition. It has also resulted in me performing Master classes in Australia and being on the faculty of other renowned Endoscopic units in Australia.

I have been lucky enough to be asked to perform workshops and surgery overseas in the UK, India on 5 occasions, Saudi Arabia, China, Singapore, Pakistan, and the Philippines. I am currently preparing an international collaboration based on SWEC surgeons that will involve me carrying the SWEC formula with workshops in many of these countries. This is already allowing us to have an international collaboration with these units to perform multicentre trials.

My position on the board of the Australian Gynaecological Society has allowed me to further my national and international recognition and also help set many of the training guidelines for doctors entering this unofficial subspecialty area that of course runs across all the subspecialty areas. As a board member I was also on the faculty and organizing committee for all of the

AGES meetings over recent years. I also helped run one of the first registrar workshops in laparoscopic surgery. This is now and annual event.

I am presently on the AGES Research Grants Committee and the AGES Education Committee where we are setting up a new AGES endorsed Australia wide fellowship in advanced laparoscopic surgery which will result in a Diploma or Masters in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery.

My future direction will be in the area of Robotic Surgery which I believe will be the future of all surgery. In keeping with my passion for innovation and teaching I want to introduce this rapidly to SWEC as soon as funding can be arranged so that SWEC can continue as a major force in teaching advanced gynaecological surgery for some time to come.